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When Would You Store With Us?

If you are a small business and need a convenient and easily accessible location because your business is ever changing and so are your needs for extra space, Ample Storage is the right place. If you are moving and need to stage your home or make room to do some repairs before you list your home for sale, Ample Storage can help. 

If you are tired of renting a storage unit only to find that your rate increases because of corporate price hikes, Ample Storage does business differently. 

For many non-profit or community service organizations, there may be a need to store items from a community service drive and the space may only be needed for a short time, Ample Storage is the answer. 

If you run distribution of a product to the local area and you need 24/7 access for conducting your business, then Ample Storage is a perfect fit. 

If your hobbies start to take over your current space, you can rely on Ample Storage. 

If you need an extra garage for your classic car or motorcycle, Ample Storage has the right space for you. 

Maybe you are a student and need a place to store your items for the summer break or while you travel abroad, Ample Storage is for you. 

As a couple about to merge your cherished belongings when two households become one, you might need to store some of your belongings with Ample Storage until you can sort it all out.

No matter what your unique storage situation may be, Ample Storage would be honored to help you.

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Our Service Areas

Both Ample Storage locations are around the corner from Fountain Lakes Commerce Center, a few minutes from Premier 370 Business Park and are centered in the Elm Point Business Park. Located in the Orchard Farm School District and also within a few miles of St. Charles High School and Duchesne High School to the East and St. Charles West to the South, we make it easy for students, teachers, and staff to solve their storage need. 

Just down Elm Street from Lindenwood University, college students take advantage of great storage options. Both locations are very near New Town at St. Charles and the newly developing Charlestowne Subdivisions. Also, the facilities are just down Elm Street in convenient proximity to Indian Hills, Duchesne Hills, Midtown, and Beacon Hill Subdivisions. Ample Storage is also the most convenient for Stable Ridge and Mamelles Hills, as well.

Located very near the South Main Street Historic District and the Frenchtown District, Ample Storage provides easy access for small businesses as well. Storage Solutions are available in a service area which includes West Alton (63386), St. Charles County (63301, 63368, 63366, 63385) St. Peters (63376, 63303, 63304), Cave Springs, and Portage Des Sioux (63373) as the locations sit between the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers.

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How Ample Storage Is Different

Moving and storing do not have to be stressful. We understand that all customers have very unique needs and they don't all fit in the same box. We are here to coach each renter to find the best storage solution to match those unique needs. By offering multiple sizes of units in a range of fair prices, we will determine what you need and help you get it done. It is not up to the renter to have all the answers; it is up to us to be your storage expert and help determine the right solution.

For example, if you will need to get to your items before sun up or after sunset, you need a facility with 24/7/365 access and you shouldn’t have to pay more for that. If your items do not easily fit in the trunk of a car, you will want to rent from one of our locations with extra wide aisles that will accommodate a large truck or van and allow you drive-up access directly to your unit door. 

Ample Storage can also rent you that truck if you need one. If you don't want to move your items multiple times, you do not want to get an inside storage unit but rather one with drive-up access. If you would feel safe storing your items in a clean/dry basement or garage, you will not need to pay extra for a climate controlled locker.

For some situations, you will need to store your items in a Temperature Controlled unit and we have that option if it is required for you. If you have a car or motorcycle and are looking to store them in a space similar to a garage, Ample Storage has that for you.

After a decade of storage experience, we are able to advise you on the best storage options for your personal situation. We look forward to hearing about your unique storage needs.

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